Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Breathtaking Tales of Dragons

Almost every child grows up reading books or hearing about the tales of dragons. They are probably the most legendary creatures that we have come to know about this world. In the world of fantasy creatures, dragons are considered to be the coolest among other legendary animals like griffins, unicorns and trolls. Despite their giant sizes and aggressive traits, they do have some great qualities that make them appealing.
You might have noticed the way how dragons are illustrated in various children's books. They look like massive reptiles with huge wings and can breathe fire. They are also portrayed in the water world as well where they look like giant snakes. Today, children go crazy to click some photos posing near the statues of dragons in any park or museum.
Just because they look like beasts or reptiles, some people have misinterpreted this living creature as cold or evil-blooded. If you do a thorough study about them then it will prove your assumption to be wrong. Actually, dragons are known for their intelligence. There are different types of dragons around including brass dragons, bronze dragons, gold dragons, black dragons and red dragons.
They are actually warm-blooded creatures who are capable of controlling their internal body temperatures. They can resist pressures water as well as in land. Some of them are known for their flying abilities. They have the talent to breathe either fire or ice by balancing their body temperatures. Most of them like to live alone. The exception is noticed during breeding seasons, when they stay inside caves. The moment the baby dragons start going out, the adult dragon comes out of the caves.
If you study different fantasy tales then you will find that they are very skilled in magical arts. They used to apply such magic arts only for protection or survival purposes. They are also depicted as speaking different languages including Latin. They were supposed to be greedy towards attractive and sparkly objects like jewels. Their weakness towards attractive things often caused them to get into traps. They enjoy decorating themselves and they are fond of music, art and poetry.
Dragons are presented in terrible ways as well. In such tales they are described as scary creatures that terrorize villagers. They used to steal livestock in order to meet their hunger. They are also pictured in many movies where they were shown under the control of evil wizards. Such evil wizards used to imprison them for their wrongdoings.
Dragons are also used as symbols in many mythological and magical illustrations. In the European Middle Ages, the dragon is often symbolized as a strong creature. Thus, over periods of time they can be depicted as a monster or sometimes as helpful beast.
It is also believed that earthquakes used to happen due to the jumping and flying activities of dragons on the land and air. It is noticed in history that there are two traditions of dragons. One is the European dragon and the other is the Chinese dragon. If you visit different temples or parks in China you will see lots of carved imperial Chinese dragons. The tale of this wonderful creature is never ending. This is why children never want to miss a show or tale on dragons.

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