Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Are The Most Popular Ideas For Themed Nights?

Do you know what is more exciting than a party? A themed party. That's right; people just love having themed nights for a wide variety of reasons. Let's explain. A party is a party. There's food, there's entertainment, there's mingling... these elements are enough to ensure a good time, but add the element of a theme and your shindig will absolutely pop. Nothing makes an affair more happening than a chance to be silly. The best part is that you can get away with it all because you have the excuse of the theme.
Theme parties are also extra fun to plan and organise. Your run-of-the-mill party may be standard, but you've got your work cut out for you trying to make it different and memorable without getting carried away and deviating from the atmosphere you want. With themed parties, you're free to get carried away. You have a unifying element that makes the entire setup cohesive, that dictates requirements, that inspires out-of-the-box thinking, and that generally gets people more excited because a theme simply makes for greater interest. It is for this reason that proms and dances usually carry themes. A theme just makes the affair more special.
Now, there are traditional themes and there are trendy themes. The following are just some of the themes that are really popular right now.
Casino Nights. Most people would probably dress like high rolling gamblers. Others would take things a step further and connect casino to the biggest and grandest casinos in the world, so you might also see a couple showgirls. Definitely, there would be casino table hires to lend authenticity to the affair.
Murder Mysteries. Everybody loves a good whodunit, so people can come dressed up as their favourite sleuth or garden variety dinner murder suspect. Organisers can even create a real mystery for teams to solve.
Sports and Fitness. People can come in their favourite team's jersey. They can also come dressed as sports equipment. They can show up in funny vintage sports uniforms. They can even don 1980s aerobics attires. For entertainment, the host can do a batak hire to check out who's really fit.
Quiz Bee. Everybody can come as a nerd! Lots of people would love the chance to deliberately look geeky. Of course, entertainment can come in the form of trivia quizzes and experiments. You can do a buzz wire hire to adopt that science fair atmosphere.

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